Linux System Administration and Support Services

Our team can provide expert Linux system administration services with over 20 years of experience.
We can design, install, configure and maintain servers, ensuring optimal functionality and security.

1. Tune performance and ensure high availability of infrastructure
2. Design and develop infrastructure monitoring and reporting tools
3. Develop and maintain configuration management solutions
4. Develop test automation frameworks in collaboration with rest of the team
5. Create tools to help teams make the most out of the available infrastructure
6. Apply OS patches and upgrades on a regular basis, and upgrade administrative tools and utilities. Configure/add new services as necessary.

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Linux System Administration


Server administration
System troubleshooting & debugging
Network management (LAN & WAN)
Disaster recovery
Security auditing & hardening
Software installation & configuration
File & directory services
Kernel rebuilds & module management
Backup planning & implementation
Perl, Shell, CGI system scripting
Performance optimization

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Internet Support & Management


Apache WWW server, SSL, PHP, CGI
Sql, MySql, Oracle install & management
Sendmail, Zimbra, POP, IMAP
Load Balancing and Clustering
OpenSSL, OpenSSH
Anti-Spam, Anti-Relay SPEWS-ORBS
IPtables, IPchains configure and tuning
SAMBA deployment & configuration
DHCP & TCP/IP Management
LPR & Print services


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Security & Firewall


Security auditing & updating
Linux router firewall design & configuration
Network security auditing & hardening
Security alert and upgrade management
Disaster & compromise recovery
pfSense, Untangle, ClearOS

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Applications & Services


Web Applications (Apache, Nginx, Nodejs, Django, Ruby on Rail)
Java Applications (WildFly (Jboss), Tomcat, WebSphere, WebLogic)
Monitoring Applications (Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix)
DB Applications (MySQL, PostGreSQL, Couchbase, MongoDB)
Virtual Platform (Vmware, Docket, VirtualBox)
Cloud Solution (Amazon, Azure, Rackspace, Linode)


Get Admin Support For Linux


  • Hello Techonsite. As you know by now, our IT needs and services can get complicated and demanding at times. From the feedback I'm getting internally, your company has been a very good match for our needs. You are very responsive and good with follow through. So far nothing has fallen through the cracks and issues have been attended to in a timely fashion. Just wanted to let you know that we all appreciate what you do for us and hope to continue this relationship for years to come!

    Zari K. - CFO, McAllister - Office Pavillion

  • This letter is to attest to the immense value of TECHONSITE to the daily operations of NAWBO. We came to you at a time when the organization was in transition and you helped us streamline transitions and provided the efficiency we needed in our virtual office environment. You and your team came through with cost effective solutions by quickly evaluating the opportunities and issues in our organization and putting together a comprehensive plan in an expeditious manner. Cost, value, responsiveness and the right solution is important to us and we are very pleased with the results we have achieved... Read More >

    Helen Han - President & CEO, NAWBO

  • It is a real pleasure to express my thanks and gratitude to TECHONSITE for always being there when a problem arises. They always swiftly find the source of my computer problems either by remote support or a service call. The team is knowledgeable, highly professional, trusting and through their maintenance has kept many problems from occurring on our office computer equipment. From installing a new workstation and migrate all the data, troubleshoot Internet and e-mail connectivity issues to just a check-up, this team's educated computer knowledge makes all other technician mediocre.

    Rae MacDonald - Executive Director, Angeles Chorale

  • I am impressed with TechOnSite's professionalism and cost effective solutions to our IT needs. They came in and assessed our situation and provided us with easy to use tools that helped eliminate some inefficiencies in our workflow and data security. I now have peace of mind knowing that our data is secure and safe offsite. Now I can focus on serving our clients instead of worrying about IT problems. I recommend TechOnSite to all law firms!

    Timothy Richardson II, Esq. - McKenzie Law Group

  • I am pleased to say the support TECHONSITE provided our company has far exceeded our expectations. In particular, we have really noticed and appreciated the attention to detail, flexibility in availability and personal attention/integrity you provide. Knowing that our work on behalf of our customer, DirecTV, could not experience interruptions/downtime, working around our schedule (even on weekends, before/after business hours) made a real difference in our effectiveness and efficiency. The bottom-line is when I have experienced an IT issue, I know I could count on TECHONSITE... Read More >

    Dr. William Lindsey, President - Lincom Wireless

  • I have been utilizing Techonsite for my IT needs for approximately 5 years. The firm recently implemented the upgrade of a new server and workstations for my CPA firm. The majority of the work to configure the new server and workstations was done via remote login to my network, therefore there was no disruption to my normal day to day operation. The final steps of the implementation was done on a weekend so when my employees came to work on a Monday, they had new computers that were operational and the same desktop display as their old computers. I chose Techonsite for the implementation because they have been responsive to my IT needs, they listen to the customer and do not try to oversell services, but they do offer recommendation for all IT needs. In summary, I would definitely recommend Techonsite to all business that need excellent technical support.

    John Weldon, CPA

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